What is an auto blog?

“Auto blog” is a term for a WordPress blog which updates automatically with new content. That means that you won’t have to spend time writing articles, making videos or anything like that. Once you’ve set up your auto blog correctly it will literally run itself without any further input from you. Just think – you’ll even be making money while you sleep! During the course of this book I will not only teach you how to set up, monetize and promote your auto blog, I will also give you a great topic to cover for absolutely free. The niche we will be using is HYPNOSIS. “Why hypnosis?” you might ask. Well that is the field I know best and that means I can provide high quality, free content for you. The beauty of hypnosis as a niche is that it’s a very interesting subject with plenty of ways for you to make money. People are very happy to spend money on self improvement and that’s money you could be making for yourself. The content we will be using comes from a variety of hypnosis related websites with full RSS feeds. An RSS feed syndicates content which means as when is posted to the owner’s website(s) it will appear on your auto blog shortly after. You need not worry about copyright infringement because all the RSS feeds we will be using come from websites I personally run and I give you permission to use. The content itself is either written by me or taken with permission from free article directories or press releases. Because I run these sites and make my living off them I can personally guarantee you at least one update everyday so your site will stay fresh and relevant with the minimum of effort from you. Before we begin though there are three things you will need.

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