5 Important Points to Obey to Earn Money From Blogging

This is one of the articles which I have posted on ezine and I will like to share it with my readers here, just in case some of us are unaware of it. The reason why I want to share this article, in particular, because most of us have their own believes and reasons in coming up with some methods to make our own blogs more attractive and more sticky. However, you may not realised that some of our methods will actually cause more harm than good to our blogs. Hence, I will like to share with you some of the right ways of helping your blog to grow.

This is my link to my article: 5 Important Points to Obey to Earn Money From Blogging

One of the major mistakes which I have made before, was to stuff as many keywords as possible into my blog posts. Surely, this method does help for a moment, since the posts consist of a lot of targeted keywords. So the search engine spiders will index those posts quite quickly for the targeted keywords. However, this success is not for long. Soon, the posts will be not indexed anymore by the search engines. The search engines believe that the author is trying to trick them by putting in a lot of keywords.Also, the posts may not sound natural for real humans to read. Hence, these posts will be removed from the search results very soon too.

Sometimes, it can be quite annoying that when we are trying to do something to make our blogs better, but we are actually doing more harm instead. Hence, if you have similar experiences, you may want to share it with us too. In this way, we can learn from each other mistakes and try not to repeat each other’s mistakes.

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