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How to create a self-hosted blog with pop A blog for the network marketer is much more than a place you post your newest idea you found interesting . Todays network marketer must always have some advantage to each contact they have with a lead or would-be consumer. If your website looks like everyone else’s then you are just an additional boring or web site. You have to have certain attraction that make people paying attention. Your site needs to give some energy off just like you would if you were talking to a prospect. In order to do this you need to constantly learn the up-to-the-minute trends. Right now the latest trend is the Nerve Center Blog that has been introduced by Mike Dillard in Traffic Formula 2 (TF2). Unless you have purchased TF2 you would not know what Mike has been discussing. His team has done extensive research and has proved many of the items that they recommend for your blog work and fascinate more options to your site. This is the kind of trends you must to stay on the leading edge of to keep your site novel and new.

I am going to list some of the items that have been suggested in TF2 for their “Nerve Center”. First is to have a self-hosted blog. This is blog that is on a server that you own or are leasing. This is different than you using a blogging service such as or Blogger. Additionally the server that you use needs to have the correct software to install the tools they recommend. The software that you need is fantastico. The service they recommend is Hostgator since it already has fantastico installed and it is a very steadfast and affordable hosting service. after you have the hosting server you need to install the software. This will give you a wordpress blog that is absolutely easy to maintain for somebody that can use an ordinary editor. The power of WordPress is in the tools that are offered for the framework. Three areas I want to talk about are Themes, Widgets and Plugins.

There are several themes that are on hand for free or for a trivial fee. The recommended free theme is Atahualpa and purchased them is Thesis or WooThemes. Two or three column. One larger main column and then either one column to the right that is about 1/3 to entire width of the page or two minor columns that collectively are 1/3 of the right side of the page. There are lots of built in widgets that are pretty painless to comprehend but there is one that is extra impressive and that is the text box. The text box can take HTML code that can be almost anything you could imagine. A text box can hold the HTML code for an Optin box that would typically be on your capture page. This can now be right on your blog. Additionally this box can be used to have any icon and link to your other sites like social media sites of FaceBook, Youtube, Twitter or LinkedIn. Y

ou can have the icon for that site displayed and after clicked they would be taken your social site. Plugins could be talked about for hours. For the most part they are straightforward to install. The plugins I suggest are: Tweetmeme, Sociable, DISQUS, All in one SEO Pack, WP Google Analytics, Google XML Site map and Askismet. For the most part these plugs have clear documentation and are uncomplicated to install. Just contact me for more information or if you have questions. Now there are a few further items that you need on your blog. Most of this is content that you need to write and some it of it is a little technical but somewhat easy to do. You need to have an optin form that your prospects can fill out. This information will go into your autoresponder and will commence to market to your prospect. A high-quality series of auto responder emails will make possible your to take home some affiliate commissions while the prospect gets to know you.

That subject is for another article. Let’s move on. Your blog should have a picture or video of you where the prospect can get to know you better and see what kind of person that you are. This is all about attraction marketing so you need your picture to reflect the image you want to project, so keep that in mind. Your blog needs to have a section that has your story of how you got to where you are. This story needs one that people can connect to but at the same time has some snap to it so that you are bringing in the kind of people you want in your business. extra pages with testimonials and other information about you will allow people to get to know you better. All of this will build your image and relationship with your prospect. The more the overall look of the blog represents that breed of people you are looking for more options of the right kind of people you will get. Be uniform with posting content to your blog and you will have a better following. Over time there will be oodles of content and you will get more and more options. Please let me know what you think about this content. I welcome all comments. I hope that it helps you to be able to attain what you want out of this business.

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