Google Ad-sense Mafia- Stronger and Larger

Google’s Adsense is one of the most reputed Ad providers and managers powered by Google. It is neither easy nor difficult to grab an approved adsense account. Sometimes you have to wait for a pretty long time for an account to be approved. Besides the time lag there are a set of rules, regulations and minimum standards for your blog or site to be accepted. Here comes the role of Adsense Resellers. Wondering what? Yes Adsense resellers! They’re just taking off all the mess and getting you 100% genuine Adsense accounts. Site standards or the rules does not matter. And the maximum time for an account to get approved is just 2 days! Now a days such resellers are very common and can be easily found. But isn’t it illegal? Yes, they’re charging about 40-50$ while Google does not charge for this service.

Thus its an illegal transaction indeed. Here is my conversation with such a reseller: The reseller is not at all concerned about the consequences of being caught. Even Google Employees have been partnered, he states. What is going on? How can we act against such illegal practices? The major step that can be taken by each one of us is that we should stay away from encouraging such malpractices.Google is a very large firm, and it is not very much practical to find such illegal resellers or even for us to report them. But why can’t we stay away from them? No customers = no resellers. Yes, we should react. The waiting period of 5 or 6 months is not a great deal indeed. A legally acquired account always has its safety. If you’re account is found to be illegal, it may lead to serious consequences that even your blog may be blacklisted, so that you can never display an Ad again in a legal manner. Let us together make a change!

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