Finding The Best Domain Name

I want to talk to you for about picking a domain name for your website .Some people do not take it seriously, but this can be the the most important steps you take when you develop a new venture or expand an existing one.

Obviously, you will be better off acquiring a domain name that is the same as your company name.The dot com is always the first pick and is what many type in without thinking . If the dot com is usable that should be your primary pick. Next would be the dot org version . Many say the dot org gets a slim advantage in the search engine rankings. You may think about using it for your blog site linking back to your main site.

If you expect your web site to be used only as a direct site found from handing out business cards or ad copy then the name would benefit by matching your business name. If you are more interested in SEO then look for a domain that includes your product name or keywords. For example my site selling platinum wedding bands for men is called platinum-wedding-band-sale. You can always buy more than one name.

Start with a selection of names, then go to Domain Name Collective and do a free domain name search.It can even be a good idea to do some keyword research during domain name planning. Most people use Google’s public keyword tool that is best known for it’s use with Ad words.Also consider what is popular for a local search by clients looking for your business or service in your local area.

For those of you who never use Ad words, you can find the public keyword tool at the Ad words site.Of course if you buy your business name domain and another SEO friendly domain. Simply build your web site using the SEO friendly name and re-direct your business site to it. Avoid doing two web sites with identical content as the search engines will hold that against you.

After you made a firm decision choice about your domain name, I advocate using Domain Name Collective for your domain name registration.Generally domain names cost $11.99 per year for a .com domain, but Domain Name Collective sells for just $8.49 per year. They even offer other additional discounts and free domain names with select web hosting specials that offer as many as 15, unique IP address for each of your accounts.A must have for effective SEO.

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