Here Come The Bubble Balloons!

Foil Party Balloons Are Going The Way of The Dodo There are thousands of different designs of foil balloons on the market today, mostly created by companies like Betallic, Kaleidoscope, or Qualatex. There are foil balloon designs for every occasion. You can find beautiful Christmas foil balloons in the shape of a snowflake, or a giant holographic ghost for Halloween. But recent developments in balloon manufacturing techniques, and the ongoing controversy of the effect of foil balloons on the environment have pointed to a new paradigm in party balloons that will eventually take over the foil balloons.

Enter Bubble Balloons Bubble balloons have been around for about the last decade, and not until recently have they come of age as the preferred option to the classic foil balloon. For starters, bubble balloon manufacturing allows for the insertion of another balloon inside the main balloon. You can insert a latex balloon inside a deco bubble balloon for a really nice artistic effect. There are also really neat “double bubble” balloons with different shapes inside a large bubble balloon.

Bubble balloons also allow for better printing of artwork on the surface of the balloon. As you can see by this example, the Earth never looked better: This other example shows the detail of the different butterflies: Another great advantage of bubble balloons over the foil balloons is that they are almost perfectly spherical, as you can see here: You can insert any color latex balloon inside one of these bubble deco balloons: Check out the bubble balloons at Party Balloons Bears if you want to see more selections.

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