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Entrepreneur Business Opportunity – 5 Steps To Profitable Small Report Think about this the internet is not called the information highway for nothing. People are here 24 hours a day looking for information from gardening to learning how to knit. This is an entrepreneur business opportunity that is in every market and you do not need to know everything about every market. What you do need is a little creativity.

To create your own report you want to take certain steps to present it properly and give it that quality appeal.The 5 steps are:

  1. Select your target market.
  2. Measure interest.
  3. Author a report.
  4. Look to repeat.
  5. Leverage your assets.

Here are just a few entrepreneur business opportunity ideas that you may want to consider: organic gardening, weight lifting, travel abroad, crafts or hobbies, time management, love and relationships, sports hunting and fishing, and affiliate marketing. As you can see when you will put your thoughts to it there are literally 100’s of reports to do. Starting with this in mind, here are two options (and you will come up with many more). First by having a good 7-15 page report you can sell it for $10-$20 dollars. The more valuable the information, the more pages you have, the more that will be acceptable to charge.

The second and most profitable part to any entrepreneur business opportunity is to have the customers sign up for your newsletter and send out the free report one page a day and have your affiliate link at the bottom with something like, “to learn more go here”. Let’s look at an example of one report that many will find hard to resist, whether their thinking about a vacation or just wanting information on taking one. Incredible Vacation Cruise To The Bahamas Title for each days report could be:

The best cruise lines What is the best time to take a cruise?

Cruise line holiday destinations Flying, what airlines have the cheapest airfares Inexpensive places to dine in the Bahamas Keep in mind when putting together a report that you need not write it all yourself. Once you have become an affiliate for any site, you can contact them. Tell them your an affiliate and that you are doing a special report business and ask them if they have any articles, brochures or other material you may need to complete your report. These could easily become a viral reports that will be shared by those on your list, whether they are giving the report to family, friends, or their own list and this is where your profits will really multiply.

This entrepreneur business opportunity on small reports is simple to do. Select your market, measure the interest, author a report, look to repeat, leverage your assets.

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