Salesforce Alternatives for Small Businesses

5 Best Salesforce Alternatives for Small Businesses in 2020

As the business you have been working on starts to grow further, implementation of the Customer Relationship Management or CRM system can help you keep customer details in order, never like before. When most of the owners that own a business decide to implement a CRM system, Salesforce becomes one of their first options because of its credibility. Though Salesforce provides a comprehensive range of marketing services, sales, business, and analytics solutions. But this might not be an appropriate solution for every business out there.

Do you think salesforce is the only option left for your business? If you think so then probably you are wrong. No matter what people say there are plenty of other options that could do wonders for your business. If you are interested in knowing what they are, then I suggest you read the full article thoroughly.

Here are a few alternatives that are worthy enough to replace salesforce:

❏ If at all you are one of those non-tech savvies then the right tool to serve you purpose is: Pipedrive
❏ If at all you want an affordable tool then I suggest you try agile CRM.
❏ The best tool for sales features Is- really simple systems
❏ The best tool for social media management is- Zoho CRM
❏ And one of the best tools for integrations- insightly

Well, let’s take a deep look into the other 5 alternatives available to provide growth for your business.

You very well are aware of what a CRM is and why it’s relevant, let’s take a look at some of our favorite Salesforce alternatives.

Pipedrive Zapier Ad Tools.

Pipedrive- Best to for the “No-so-Tech Savvy”

Pipedrive is a basic CRM, which also doubles as a project monitoring and management application. It easily registers text, call, and other messages and arranges them by customer or assignment. When you watch the progress of a project, you just have to simply drag and drop the tiles through your process.

Pipedrive also helps you to simplify daily routines and other administrative activities, you can build an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot for your platform without a degree in programming too. Perfect for those looking for a quick Salesforce option, Pipedrive is a fantastic pick.

Agile CRM: one of the Affordable tools:
If you are in charge of a very limited operation, Agile CRM provides a functional and inexpensive alternative. Agile CRM is free for the first 10 users on your account and you don’t even need to input credit card details as long as you have 10 or fewer users in your hands. Agile CRM helps you to simplify your distribution, communications, and customer response activities from one simple desktop platform.

Simple Systems- a tool with the best sales features

If you’re searching for top sales features, you’ll love Real simple Systems. It will help you predict the possibility of the effectiveness of any sales plan based on previous data and track it across the sales pipeline.

Really simple Programs enable you to easily install various levels of account access, which ensures that you can restrict the data accessible to younger or lower-level team members. Really simple Systems also offers marketing and automation functions. Its extraordinary sales forces are what make it stand out from competitors.

Zoho CRM- the best tool for better social media management

Social networking has transformed way more than before since nearly every company markets its goods and communicates with its clients through a social media platform. If your brand has a footprint on social media, you’ll enjoy Zoho CRM’s robust social media monitoring and research software as it keeps track of what your customers feel about your brand through a range of networks and sites, and use them to build new CRM leads.

Zoho CRM also provides excellent analytical resources as It is one of the few CRMs to review your social media data on your behalf, which will save you time and money

Zoho CRM- the best tool for better social media management

Insightly: the best tool for Integrations
Check Out – From Mail Chimp to, Google Drive your company already has some sort of collaboration applications in place. Insightly easily blends its strong CRM with over 250 business applications with each of its three business plans

It also provides a range of engaging marketing resources to complement its CRM. Builds comprehensiveness and visualizes consumer experiences to create dynamic-automation processes to further streamline the user interface.

Talking of the salesforce alternatives, it is noteworthy to state that Techfetch offers salesforce developer jobs.

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